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Advocates for the Mental Wellness of Black and Brown People


Coloring Mental Health Collective (CMHC) advocates and organizes for the mental wellness of Black and Brown people; it also seeks to dismantle oppressive ideologies and behaviors that cause emotional suffering. CMHC does this through innovation and creativity to foster safe and transformative spaces for communities to dialogue, imagine and re-imagine, and create a new future for Black and Brown people to more fully embody healing, freedom, and life-giving relationships.

The three pillars of Coloring Mental Health Collective are:

Continuing Education

Equipping clinicians, clergy & other community leaders with theories & practices of care to optimally care for the mental health of Black & Brown people.

Community Organizing, Care & Counseling

Organizing and mobilizing clinicians, clergy, and other community leaders to care for the mental health of Black & Brown people.

The Musical Arts

Utilizing musical arts to care for the mental health of Black & Brown people.



Nicholas Grier

Founder and

Managing Director


Elizabeth Pierre

Director of Community Care and Counseling


Taurean Webb

Director of Organizational Strategy & Public Relations

On sabbatical until 2019


Andre Dennis

Director of Business Development, Strategic Relations, & Musical Arts

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